Great Restaurant near Our Gulf Front Vacation Condo

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Hey guys I’m Mariah Milano and I’m in Cedar Key Florida and I’m at Steamers
right on the water and this place is amazing this is one of my favorite
restaurants and I’m so excited to get to show it to you.  It’s sunset right now, so it’s beautiful.

The sun’s going down and I’m about to have raw oysters and steamed clams and
then they’re gonna bring me out their house specialties, I’m so excited to see!

Look at this pretty view I have. This is a Corona Rita it’s a margarita with a baby Corona
in it -very good! Oh my guys, look at these steamed clams in garlic white wine sauce and
look at these raw oysters how beautiful like I’m in heaven right now and these
all came from that water, right there (Cedar Key) A huge portion of America’s clams come
from here right here in Cedar Key.

I’ve had these served before and they are to die for. Oh my perfect little cute
piece of bread right here you dip it in the garlic butter white wine sauce – so good!

Oh my, so fresh, so good perfect okay get that camera out of my face now
I gotta eat this is their incredible fisherman’s platter they told me I had
to try that because it’s so good so this is grouper crab cake hush puppies fried
shrimp and they’re super terrified and let me tell you it smells great.
so what exactly is this that affects portobello mushroom cap stuffed with
fresh crabmeat green cheese it’s got a few herbs in there and they wrap it in a
Philo crust brush it with some butter bake it in the oven and then they
drizzle it with the house-made herba

Wow it looks and smells amazing thank you and of course garlic parmesan fries oh my
it’s like a desert almost I can’t explain it just this alone is worth coming here it is so good oh my.

So you see why I had to come back here in film so I can show you guys I’ve been
thinking about this a lot summer I was here so come to Steamers and Cedar Key
Florida the websites right on the screen.  It’s a short walk or bike ride from the best
gulf front vacation condo in Cedar Key – Seahorse Landing #503