Welcome to Cedar Key – Clam Capital of the South

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Hey this is Sean Daly would you look at these beauties!

We are at Cedar Key today and we are all about clams. An hour west of Gainesville, Cedar Key produces
95% of Florida’s clams – that’s 200 million clams a year. Bi-valves bond this town which is more than earned
its nickname clam a lot. Clams are Cedar Key it’s what this town pretty much lives off of – I’d say that
the two biggest industries in Cedar here is clamming and tourism and without theclamming I don’t think
there really would be very much tourism because it’s what supports this town and it’s what supports you
know so many people that live here.

This is a wonderful plant facility it’s one of our larger ones on the island and this is a processing plant as well
as a hatchery and hatchery is means that’s where we catch the baby clams.  This is really come in with the
product wash it clean it sort it count it tag it and bag it.

But Cedar Key is more than just a working waterfront a cluster of islands more than 20 miles
off the beaten path – it boasts of being old Florida a cozy getaway from the 21st century grind.
I came from a place where I never knew my neighbors name, I know all of my neighbors names here.
So it’s just as people are compassionate and friendly – people wave so it’s just something that you don’t experience
in a larger city. It’s incredibly charming, so even if seafood isn’t your thing you can still fall in love in Cedar Key.

That said, look at those beauties!


If you are looking for a great place to stay in Cedar Key – look no further!